Tony Awake "Grey Sky"
Style: Breaks/Dubstep/Electro House/Progressive House/Indie Dance
Label: Subtribe Records
Release date: 02/11/09

01 - Tony Awake - Paper With Numbers
02 - Tony Awake - Lion Loves Fish
03 - Tony Awake - Fearkillerpill
04 - Tony Awake feat Gracie - Grey Sky (Original mix)
05 - Tony Awake - Kiss
06 - Tony Awake feat Gracie - Feelings (Original Mix)
07 - Tony Awake - After Midnight
08 - Ithaka Maria - The Doll (Tony Awake Remix)
09 - Tony Awake - One Call Changes Everything
10 - Tony Awake feat Gracie - Grey Sky (Arabica Remix)
11 - Tony Awake feat Gracie - Grey Sky (Torqux Remix)
12 - Tony Awake feat Gracie - Feelings (Quadrat Beat Remix)
13 - Tony Awake feat Gracie - Grey Sky (Guerilla Tech Remix)
14 - Tony Awake feat Gracie - Grey Sky (Duane Barry Remix)

Tony Awake – Grey Sky

First full album from Estonian producer, exclusively on Subtribe Records

November 1, 2009 — Subrtibe Records proudly presents the first album from young, but very promising Estonian producer Tony Awake. Grey Sky EP compilation consists of nine independent tracks and five remixes from Arabica, Torqux, Guerilla Tech, Quadrat Beat and Duane Barry. Enjoy Grey Sky EP for the first time and you will hardly forget that expression, with which the author carries out his thoughts through music. Tony Awake’s first album is an indescribable thermonuclear mixture of melodies, accurately aligned drums, bass-lines, fantastical sounds, mechanical tones, all dressed in slight melancholic motives. Here everybody can find something for his mood and liking!
«What the hell am I doing here? Why should I stay here?», — these words belong to one of the strongest compositions on Grey Sky EP, recorded in collaboration with Gracie (vocals). Her calm, soothing voice perfectly suits lyrical motives of «Feelings» and much more commercial track Grey Sky (main theme of the album). Both are Breaks. The list of finest vocal compositions is expanded by the remix for the song «Doll», performed by famous Estonian artist Ithaka Maria. As long as you’ll get tired with rather calm melodies, heavy artillery in the form of Fearkillerpill and Kiss (Electro House / Progressive House) will take over the initiative. Both tracks are nearly insane in their rhythmic structure.And don’t even think, that now you ears and brain can rest in peace. We are not finished yet. Tony Awake doesn’t remove the tension, drops last musical bombs in the form of chunky Dubstep track «Paper With Numbers» and thoughtful experimental track and «One Call Changes Everything». And, of course, don’t forget about the remixes – they surely can expose Tony’s compositions from the new point!

About Tony Awake

Tony Awake was born August 2, 1985 in Tallinn. He was totally infatuated by music from early childhood. Many things changed in 1998, there appeared an opportunity to write music, believe that someday experience will come and it would be possible to share emotions with other people through melody.

Today Tony writes music in many different styles, does it with great success by combining sound with quality and creating something new. "I still can’t devote myself to just one music style – every style has its own meaning, you only have to use it appropriately". Tony’s sound is inspired mainly by BT (Brian Wayne Transeau). He believes that BT is one of the artists that can rightfully, beautifully and sophisticatedly convey all emotions and show us how important it is to have a musical education, not to be obsessed with anything, be yourself and respect the concept of music. Some other artists and groups also played an important role in Tony’s life, for instance: Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, ATB, Junkie XL, Crystal Method, and some other rock band and punks. So, Tony’s tracks are a refined mixture of different alternative music.

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