Hi all

If you like oldskool floorfillers, and rave tunes, with a bit of good scratching thrown in, download this free DJ mix.

You can also stream this mix if you don?t fancy downloading the whole mp3. Just click the media player on my website to stream this mix in 320k/bits mp3.

Heres the tracklisting

1. Cressendo ? Are You Out There
2. Moseph Cat ? My Children
3. Utah Saints ? Something Good (DMC Mix)
4. Decadance ? Jump to it
5. Dreamscape ? I am the creator
6. Dina Carol ? Aint know man (BIR mix)
7. Hyper Go Go ? Never let go
8. Shades Of Rhythm ? Extacy
9. Clivillés & Cole ? Keep It Coming (Brothers In Rhythm)
10. Chic -Chic Mystique (The Taramasalata & Jam Dub, Brothers In Rhythm)
11. Luvdub ? Goodtime
12 .Hanna Jones ? Young Hearts Run Free (Loveland Dub)
13. Bedrock Feat Kyo ? For What You Dream Of

You can download or stream this mix by clcik the link below;-
13 OldSkool Floorfillers - DJ Mix 9 - DJKippax.com


Please feel free to post your feedback;)