This year I am going on a more personal journey with Housefly Records and together with a few others I am going to release the artists I've watched and always want to release on Housefly

With this in mind I give you Arkeyetexture

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...I have followed Arkeytexture for what seems like an age...

...His philosophy of music as a series of sonic experiments really touches my soul,my inner being, in a way that very few artists have managed over the last three years... this EP is a collection of haunting atmospheres, DEEP basses and hypnotic rhythms make me purr like a kitten under a stroke machine...

Arkeytexture himself says he "struggles with words especially ones about himself..."

"Dub is my main love, anything dub. Dub reggae, dub techno, psy-dub, dubby dubstep. All dub. My main influences are probably people like lee scratch perry, the orb, bill Laswell Adrian Sherwood. Anyone who pushed the boundreys. The more experimental the better. I guess that's how I also approach my music. As a series of sonic experiments. Trying to see how I can push the vibes, what I can get them to evolve into."

"It's all also an escape for me.." He adds sat in front of Ableton..." A form of meditation... A spiritual tool... A healer...."

This EP is everything you'll need...HIT this it for ...