Double Helix - Wellenkammer / Delusion (Deep Field Audio)

The inaugural release from new label Deep Field Audio is a natty pair of no-nonsense neuro numbers from up-and-coming Austrian Double Helix, and is a very promising start for both label and producer. Wellenkammer launches us straight into proceedings with an urgent drum roll, its propulsive drums carrying a series of gnarly Upbeats-esque bass pulses into a scratchy pause, which then gives way to a rattling, dirty, heads-down piece full of juddering triplets of low-end and sporadic growls.

B-side Delusion is on a similar flex, albeit with a more slow-burning intro, its heavy, clipped beats and darkside bass stylings reminiscent of some of Ed Rush and Optical's more straight-ahead dancefloor warfare. The second drop, meanwhile, warps and twists like Noisia trying to teleport out of an exploding spaceship (what do you mean, you don't know what that sounds like?) - dutty business. These two should do the damage in any suitably nasty set, and mark Double Helix and Deep Field as names to watch.

(from K-Mag, Essential DnB Releases January 2013)