Bit late on the upload of this one but its well worth the wait as the Gella guest mix is proper next level stuff.

01. Afghan Headspin 'Cocaine (Gella's Drifting Remix)' [Standard Audio]
02. Plump Djs 'My Hi Tops' [Global Underground]
03. Son Of Kick 'Byrd Kick' [Botchit and Scarper]
04. Access Denied 'One More Time (Ben and Lex Remix)' [KDB Breaks]
05. That Girl Dj 'Go Commando' [Re:connect]
06. Maximilian 'Yo' [Global Underground]
07. Beat Assassins 'Boom Style (AC Slater Remix)' [Mofo]
08. Dave Spoon 'Lummox (Plump Djs Remix)' [Televizion]
09. Bass Weazal 'Jungle Massive' [Wearhouse
10. Elite Force and Meat Katie 'Believe' [UA]
11. Enough Weapons 'Super Sonic (Freerange DJs Remix)' [APE]
12. Tambour Battant 'Atomic Cirkus (Maelstrom Remix)
13. Plump DJs 'The Knife' [Global Underground]

Sub Slayer Day - Exclusive Gella Guest Mix

** Sadly no tracklisting available

14. Jinx In Dub 'Tippa Tap Sound (Ben and Lex Remix)' [Functional]
15. The Freerange Djs 'Your Mind Your Passion (Quadrat Beat Remix)' [APE]
16. Beat Assassins vs Ludacris 'Stand Up' [The Joint]
17. Filthy Rich 'Make You Freq (Miles Dyson Mix)' [Global Underground]
18. Troublegum 'Politricks' [Future Perfect]
19. Crookers ft Wiley and Thomas Jules 'Business Man (Black Noise Mix)'
20. Zodiac Cartel 'Sweet Control' [UA]


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