1. Genotype- Aggression Snare -
2. Genotype- Blud Stream
3. Soulculture- Demons Gate(Genotype Remix) -Syrenz
4. Genotype- Remember Who You Are-
5. Kyrist- Revolt(Genotype Rmx)-Syrenz
6. Genotype- New Plans-
7. Genotype- Illegal Bystander-Caution
8. Genotype- Bad Sleep Patterns-
9. Genotype- Balif-
10. Genotype- Eyes Wide Open
11. Genotype- Bee Stingz-
12. Genotype- Mind Games
13. Genotype- Vex Face- Broken Audio Recordings
14. Genotype- Monday Madness- Exit
15. Genotype- Decendants-
16. Genotype- Skill-
17. Genotype- Upperkutz-
18 Genotype- Financial War
19. Genotype- Static In The Attic
20. Genotype- Movementz Not Stand Still
21. Genotype- Simple Easy Effective-
22. Genotype- Trick Or Beatz
23. Genotype- Frustrating System- Cylon
24. Genotype- Cat Walk- Cylon
25. Genotype- So-

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This mix is dedicated to all the loved ones I've lost .......R.I.P FALLEN SOLDIERS