But obviously a lot of people forget, Chelsea really need the next half of the season to continue to maintain the current state in order to strive for the success of Manchester United, NFL jerseys china,Arsenal advance several rounds of defending, this is the stumbling block.

Unfortunately, the two stumbling block before their own role, have to consider the competition between them, in the twenty-one league, Arsenal did at home to wait until Chelsea, has ushered in Manchester United.

Run into their old enemy in the most difficult times, it is estimated that Wenger most reluctant to see the scene, even if their own home or Wenger do not want to repeat the last round of Blackburn's embarrassment.

Manchester United Bibulaike the more formidable, in addition to the defense of the guys now on the next level.

Red Devil attack force is also the season they have been able to occupy the second place of the league standings reasons.

Take a look the fragile after line of defense, and then look at Lu chubby and Ruud van Nistelrooy, Wenger called a melancholy, before the start of the game, he even no mood and Ferguson war of words, just in the bulkhead ready.

Wenger is also clear that their team can not lose, and even a draw, now he can not afford.

If you can not win, not only increasing the gap and the top, want to get into the top four, is a daunting task, has not played for a long time Arsenal Champions League playoff, he may not want to try again.

Besides, now that the pressure from all sides really great, Elite nfl jerseys,Wenger in any game, can not lose.

The face their old foes, Arsene Wenger can only hope that sitting on home advantage, can come time reversal.

The game is the same this old enemy Premiership in Highbury last contest, the next season is about to relocate to a new stadium Arsenal need to defend live Highbury's glory, to win this game.

However, Ferguson is not unknown rookie, he knows how to handle this situation.

From after 2002, Ferguson is not lost in the league Wenger, this time he did not want to make an exception.

Ferguson also know this is Highbury, Arsenal site child, so he picked the best.

Manchester United did not like last season, Cheap nfl jerseys, the end of the opponents unbeaten attack so fierce, but in the opening stages of closing back and truss the fence at halftime, began to fight with the Arsenal midfield control over.

Mourinho sitting in the office, watching the game broadcast on television, his tone a little ridicule and around a few people exchanges, "it seems Ferguson also Mozhun to the pulse of Arsenal."

If Chelsea's tactical pirated Ferguson arranged play for Manchester United, do not seek a stick and killed each other, but starting in the midfield Ruanmoyingpao seize every opportunity to play quick counter.

Arsenal's soft underbelly now lies in the backcourt defense forces are very weak, Ferguson not to pressure the opponent, but to take Arsenal midfielder dragged near the center circle Sike, widening their defensive distance.

Had Mourinho is such a deal with Arsenal, but Chelsea's midfield, strangling stronger, but Linyi frontcourt interspersed with running, each counter can form a sufficient threat.

Ferguson given them no LIN Yizhong This sent the kick deadly ball midfield, but he has two very fast winger, Giggs and C Luo, Zhong not, but the two wings but can sprint.

Lauren and West Gan like two furnishings in the other impact, they can only be defensive.

And anti also not guard Zhong Toure busy, Gilberto often need to retreat Zhong increase defense force, this defense is not only a very passive, but also a weakening.

Less Gilberto interception in midfield, Fabregas a difficult to withstand Park and Scholes turns to the impact of the two people, especially Korean, he runs really your life.

Unable to control the midfield, the defensive line pressure will gradually increase, may not be defeated opponents once, but such repeated shocks, Nfl jerseys wholesale,after all, is a very dangerous signal, but at the moment Wenger but can not find a better The way to defuse the crisis, his men available, is too small.

Only Pires and Henry, two people can seize the opportunity to fight back, to form a complex in the left side of the road.

The first half, Arsenal only several attacks, are these two guys created in Manchester United's collective blocked, Henry Highbury king, does not really manufacture what threat.

Just before the intermission, Fabregas long-range kick, so Edwin van der Sar net smash sell gave Henry a front of blank range opportunity, but Henry's feet Tuishe Vidic in the door The line Disembarrassing.

This is the whole game Arsenal only time distance score nearest opportunity, the second half, their offensive completely control the Manchester United Red Devils at Highbury this is the first time so crazy.

Just Lehmann game is simply the patron saint of Highbury, the close proximity of the front of the two Tongshe this guy as God clinical world rushed out, let the other party without success.

Zero to zero score has remained to the end whistle, Ferguson though unwilling, but in each other's home away one point, by the way Wenger's team also died on the fifth position in the league again, the old man of Scotland The mood is good, and at the last minute, he escaped a penalty.

Originally at the last moment Arsenal have the opportunity to win the game, but the referee Boer whistle sounded at Highbury, authentic nhl jerseys , Neville tipped in a restricted area within Fabregas did not want to penalty.

Although the full field of boos and curses, coupled with Wenger's protests and the roar of the Arsenal players, Boer insisted it was a fair charge, and no extra action, refused to give a penalty penalty.

This might be the game, Highbury only time broke out so much movement, more often, there is a dead silence, even against Manchester United, they do not cry out.

No wonder, watching their team is declining, it is estimated that no one to continue the loud roaring.