Brand new podcast from APE Music for you to subscribe to :) this week with The Freerange DJs.

The podcast will be taken from the APE Music Radio show on Realinstant which will be bringing the APE Music family together to showcase there skills in a bi-monthly 1 hour mix. Along side label owners Ben & Lex there will be mixes and artist showcases from That Girl DJ, Mobius, Afghan Headpsin, Benjamin Vial, Freerange DJs, Enough Weapons, Metro Boy and Mskr-nt.

APE Music Radio will not be confined to one style of breaks (or even genres) but will encompass everything from funky to techy to tearout and out the other side including techno, wonk, house, even Dubstep and Drum and Bass.


01. FreeRange DJs 'Intro'
02. FreeRange DJs 'Your Mind Your Passion (FreeRange Satisfaction VIP edit)' [CDR/APE]
03. FreeRange DJs 'Your Mind Your Passion (Wrongstars Remix)' [APE]
04. Groove Allegiance 'Ramp It Up (Hi-Jack Remix)' [Splank!]
05. Blatta & Inesha 'Blow Up (Hi-Jack Remix)' [Hell Yeah]
06. FreeRange DJs 'Drop That Beat (Original Mix)' [Smash and Grab]
07. Rektchordz 'These Girls (Original Mix)' [U&A]
08. FreeRange DJs 'Gotta Get High (Original Mix)' [Future Perfect]
09. Bass Weazel 'Jungle Massive' [Simma Records]
10. Pascal & Pearce 'Disko Biskit (Matt Cox Remix)' [Electric Sushi]
11. Boltan 'Creeps (Mightyfools Remix)' [Party Like Us]
12. Zodiac Cartel 'We Don't Play That (Aniki's Playground Remix)' [UA]
13. Calvertron 'Hold Me (Original Mix)' [Jack Knife]
14. FreeRange DJs 'Back To The Old Jack (Original Mix)' [APE]
15. Vandalism 'She Got It (FreeRange DJs Remix)' [Vicious]
16. Will Bailey & Wongo 'Cannock Wobble (Bill Eff Remix)' [Simma Records]
17. Ajapai 'What Do You Hear? (Original Mix)' [Wearhouse Music]
18. Shorterz Pimps 'Spin Spin Enigma (Original Mix)' [Bigger than Barry]
19. Stanton Warriors 'Precinct (Plump DJs Remix)' [Punks]
20. Rage Against The Machine 'Killing In The Name (Mr Oizo vs FreeRange DJs Re-edit)' [CDR]


APE Music Podcast


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