Unreal Tournament fix for poor performance on newer PC's with dual or quad core processors
i had a unplayable game before this fix it was jerking, lagging, was playing to fast then slow (speedstepping)

download the zip file attached and follow these instructions attached.

Unreal Engine 1 Games (Unreal, UT, DeusEx, Rune, Nerf to mention a few) won't run correcly on (mobile) hardware with speedstepping. It will run too fast/slow and gamespeed will constantly change. Also Unreal Engine 2 games, at least Postal 2, are affected. There are numerous workarounds, but most will require you to disable all of your speedstepping options, which is a big hit. A modified Launcher can also solve this issue. Actually only two lines of code must be changed and another two lines must be added. Multiple CPU cores are also a cause of issues, but this can be fixed, for example by setting an appreciate affinity mask (you won't need an extra launcher here), but it is conveniant to add an appreciate affinity mask to my launcher.

The main problem arise from the avaiblity of the source code of those launchers and headers to compile (among other native code) for those games. There is only source code for the launcher of Unreal 224v availible (found in unrealpubsrc224v) and source code for some of the linux launchers (UT, Rune, ...), but those linux launchers are pretty useless for this purpose.

The launcher source out of the Unreal PubSrc is sufficiend, but must be modified to run correctly with newer versions of the engine. The main effort was to fix those glitches. As noted above, the headers are not availible for many games. This issue can also be worked around since only the headers of the Core, Engine and Window package are neaded, and are similar, or at least the parts needed for the launcher to compile, since these are core Unreal Engine packages. So using some of the released headers as a base, some set of headers for compiling launchers for those games can be constructed.

Thanks to the guys who made this fix possible
There site for more info
Launchers for Unreal Engine 1 Games