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To create new contact for press releases, remix, djset, radioshow, party.....

Actually these are our Artist in BBA
Breakbeat Artists


Feline Phonic.
Dj Stex has mixtured Breakz, Dubstep and D'n'B inside.
Wicked and wobbly basslines! Rolling and chunky groove!
Great for a mixing up a set with.
Track list:
1) Paradise Lost - Extract Mix 1
2) Paradise Lost - Extract Mix 2
3) Paradise Lost - Extract Mix 3
4) Paradise Lost - Extract Mix 4

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Link Artist
Feline Phonic - Feline Phonic
Feline Phonic on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

First BBA Release coming soon
Artist: Dj Lomo
Title: Wharehouse Bond ( Original Mix )
Wharehouse Bond ( Pistolero Mix )

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Dj Lomo -
Wharehouse Bond ( Original and Pistolero Mix )
"Pistolero" is breakbeat event that takes place in Zagreb, Croatia for almost 5 years. "Pistolero Crew" is audio-video collective that consists of 7 DJs / VJs. Their sound is solid and strong breakbeat with psychedelic edge on approx 140bpm with lots of other influences like dub, techno, electro etc. On the mighty Pistolero event lots of international guests performed (Eat Static, Robosapiens, Santos, Digitalis, Lomo etc) and numerous croatian djs. Pistolero is going strongly to the future and now it has residency in "Self-sufficient Cultural Center Medika" which is squatted ex-medicament factory."

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Just so you know, Young NRG Productions Presents "Wharehouse Bond" the break anticipated singles from DJ Lomo available on Digital

Within the next 7 days we will be preparing a Digital Promo 4 you.

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