In collaboration with Balkan Connection South America, representative by Nicholas Van Orton, Balkan Connection Tech presents its first compilation, with carefully selected music, produced and mastered in high quality studio, starting with some Deep House gems, appropriate for nice warm up's, to peak time Tech House!


01) Mladen Mande - Happiness (Original Mix)
02) DJ Becha - Buongiorno Signora (Morroosh Remix)
03) Weepee - Man Goes Home (K-Pax Remix)
04) Morroosh - Crazy Funk On The Moon (Lisboa Remix)
05) Rob Leroy - Two Is Better Than One (Andrea Cassino remix)
06) Adoo & Welldone - Free Your Body Free Your Soul (Nicholas Van Orton Remix)
07) Luciano Lima - Whisper (Original Mix)
08) Nikko.Z - Hellenicus Momentus (Ovi M Re-edit)
09) Rob Leroy - Bozai (Original Mix)
10) Nicholas Van Orton - Portal (Original Mix)
11) BCT Volume 1 Continuous DJ Mix by Milos Miladinovic

Release Date: November 05 2012 exclusively at Beatport!!!

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Various Artists - /BC/T Volume 1 // Balkan Connection Tech - YouTube

Various Artists - /BC/T Volume 1 by balkanconnectiontech on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

Suppoerted by: Niki Belucci, Roger Sanchez, Dubfire, Michael & Levan, Alec Araujo, Pacco & Rudy B, Stanisha, Andrea Fissore, Hernan Cerbello, Marc Pollen, Luis Bondio, Dio S, Neel V, Hans Tavera, Daniel Mehes, JunkDNA, MAGNETIE, Mike Cotgrave, Lea Dobricic, AMAN, Kingoff, Marko Zalazar, Samotarev, Deas, Oz Romita, Xplore, G 'N' P Tauro, Mariano Mellino, Sean McClellan, Tim Benjamin, Farfan, Jelly For The Babies, Andy Ascencio, Mo' Funk, Ilya Deep, Robbie M, Denis Laurent, Ill Cows, Nemanja Stamenkovic, White Resonance, WpX, Kaan Koray, Max Mile, Vlada D'Shake, Marcelo Paladini, Magent (5ilver 5urfer), Timo G and many more...


[BCT0005] ''Andy Ascencio - Reflections'' Out Now!!!

Andy Ascencio and Balkan Connection Tech present "Reflections" which feature's Andy's latest Deep and Tech House tracks which are composed of classic Tech House elements and groovy latin rhythms suitable for Big Room as wells as for laid back vibes. First off "Reflections" and "No Complications" leans toward the laid back Deep House feel, nice to drive or lounging. Switching gears next is "Roll" vibrant Tech House tune good for Big Room fused with some minimal elements. To chill things down a bit "G Force" brings more of a dark tech sound. "Global Connection" was one of the most interesting through the production phase, lots of diverse elements through this track! "Loko" another vibrant Tech House good for Big Rooms. At least we have this peaceful tune "No Complications" happy/sunny tune, perfect for rides, chill outs and bars.


01) Andy Ascencio - Reflections (Original Mix)
02) Andy Ascencio - Roll (Original Mix)
03) Andy Ascencio - G Force (Original Mix)
04) Andy Ascencio - Global Connection (Original Mix)
05) Andy Ascencio - Loko (Original Mix)
06) Andy Ascencio - No Complications (Original Mix)

Release Date: October 29 2012 exclusively at Beatport!!!

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Andy Ascencio - Reflections // Balkan Connection Tech - YouTube

Supported by: Andy King, Hans Tavera, Samotarev, Oz Romita, Magnetic Brothers, Matt G, Denis Filipovic, Neel V, Nicolas Neik, Deas, Dubfire, JunkDNA, Sean McClellan, Xplore, Mariano Mellino, G 'N' P Tauro, Demian Moreno, Jelly For The Babies, Ilya Deep, Tim Benjamin, Stanisha, Kingoff, Ewan Rill (Deep Dusk), Farfan, Andrea Fissore, Robbie M, White Resonance, Vlada D'Shake, WD2N / Timo G, WpX, Kaan Koray, Nemanja Stamenkovic, Magent (5ilver 5urfer), Max Mile, Rafael Osmo / Mr.Raf and many more...

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