The debate over the potential legalization of marijuana across the USA is one that continues to rage on, as Colorado becomes the most recent state to face a vote on Amendment 64, a measure to legalize marijuana use. In other states across the country, initiatives are spurring interest to promote the legalization of marijuana. Step forward rapper Keme Davis, a native of Oakland, California, which has been an area of intense battle in the fight for the legalization of marijuana, who has released a new single “Marijuana Cologne" which he hopes can become an anthem for marijuana culture.

Davis, along with his musical collaborator Chaz, who hails from San Jose, California, hope to not only draw fans with their artistic abilities, but also reach people with their message. To the rappers, the legalization of marijuana is one of the most critical issues of our time. “Our newest song and online promotion of the song aren’t just about marijuana; it’s about a culture that marijuana represents,” said Keme. “All over Oakland, and California there are marijuana shops, where this culture can be witnessed, and we see this song as THE song that will come to symbolize the culture, and the legal issues that are taking place not only in California, but across the country.”

“We’re seeing people rise up in support of marijuana, and this is the type of song that can represent that movement,” said Keme’s rapping partner, Chaz. The rappers believe that they are a part of what they see as a grassroots movement to legalize marijuana, and make it an accepted in the mainstream. They hope with their creative endeavors, they will continue to influence the movement across the country, as more states face important votes on this key issue.

About the Artists
Keme Davis is from the Bay area and his newest release, “Marijuana Cologne,” is relevant to its $5 billion dollar marijuana business. The song has already amassed 55 thousand views since its release last week. Keme Davis and Chaz Mabry have been rapping for five years and will release their next project in November, entitled "Yikes."

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