We here at Sheer Velocity Recordings are proud to present our second release in the form of Dynamic - Sleepy Heartland/Momentary Switch

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SVr002 A - Dynamic - Sleepy Heartland
Sleepy Heartland, whilst remaining familiar, is, in many ways, unlike anything else youíve ever heard. From a restrained yet ready beginning, beats are introduced early on, with various sounds occurring inside a synth-laden setting. The track kicks in, and the quality of production is immediately obvious. Warmth pervades in the bassline, and the overall feeling of the track is one of serenity and beauty. The basic elements of the track are carefully and lovingly juxtaposed against repeating woodwind sounds, to lend a feeling of the late night, or equally the early morning. DJ support has quite rightly come from across the drum & bass board, and Sleepy Heartland has been popular at radio for some weeks now. Feed your imaginations whilst Dynamic and Sheer Velocity feed your souls.

SVr002 AA - Dynamic - Momentary Switch
Momentary Switch is a similarly soulful affair, this time centred around a vocal sample, which is wrapped in funky kicks and a roiling, rolling bassline which easily fills out the sound. Sheer Velocity places itself in the revival of the break in drum & bass, and Momentary Switch employs the device to the fore, letting the track move forward of its own accord. Repeated listens will be rewarded by the discovery of a multitude of levels, from all parts of the mix, from the finely-tuned drums to electronic effects amid flourishes of acoustic mandolin. Taking just the right inspiration from legendary nights like Speed and Swerve, the track works as a perfect ambassador for SVrís philosophy of bringing forward bright and inspirational music.

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Charlotte s Song by Furney on MP3 and WAV at Juno Download

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