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Is a mistic city in Capilla del Monte, in the uritorco, Cordoba - Argentina.

The mith is about that The scholars say that not all people have enough common ability to see what is before our eyes and under our feet, that capacity only have some elected or who lean toward the realm of faith, not only can move mountains but perhaps achieve that we can see what our eyes perceive and what our feet can not tread.
In the mountains of Bird, the northern slope of Cerro Uritorco, by the action of time is different accumulated sediments that formed strange shapes in the stones and this we can find different figures related to humans, such as obelisks and even the hazy silhouette of a lost city.
Hundreds of people say they have mentally or physically entered this city, which described as huge and spacious, crossed by dry channels along which ships of light and ethereal, in the center of the city is the Temple of the Sphere or the three mirrors, these mirrors, the inhabitants of Erks cosmic exchange data.
In many studies that have been conducted, many scholars claim that it is a city that serves primarily to realize a cosmic communication and contributes to the exchange of knowledge, for these reasons, the area is considered unique on planet earth as it would the first cosmic energy epicenter communication. ERKS means: Meeting sidereal cosmic remnants.

We inspired this track in that city in that cosmic energy from the universe, with that open door, between the normal and paranormal acitivitys.
Erks is not only peace, love, and good energy, it's also a deep party journey that represent a lot of feelings we use to transmit in our sets.

In this opportunity with the amazing remix from one of the best producersof the electronic music world ,some one with a huge skills, some one that every track is different from the other.
Marc popke, is not normal, he is rocking with his creativity every track he does.

Thanks Marc to enter to our family! Very wellcome.

From Berlin to Buenos Aires, we recieve a great interpretation of one of our favorites tracks!

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01) Dark Soul Project & Santiago Garcia - Erks (Original Mix)
02) Dark Soul Project & Santiago Garcia - Erks (Marc Poppcke Remix)

Release Date: October 29 2012 exclusively at Beatport!!!

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[BAIRES019] ''Dark Soul Project & Santiago Garcia - Erks'' Marc Poppcke Remix At Beatport's Top 10 Must Hear Progressive House Tracks Week 44
10 Must Hear Progressive House Tracks Week 44 :: Beatport

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