Short Track Speed ​​Skating World Cup Canadian Grand Prix after losing the 1000 meters, return to the international arena after a lapse of 31 months after the 2012-2013 season, four Olympic gold medalist Wang Meng, and then the now king of the air, in the main items 500 m the final 43 seconds 240 score won the first national championship in the comeback. Wang Meng in the 500 meters to win, to defend China in this project to a leading position, but also prove to the world that although her away from the world arena for a long time, but depending where competitive. The championship is certainly welcome, from the competition process to see, a long ban * authentic nfl jerseys wholesale * and the lack of a high level of training, makes her competitive level, adaptability can not be compared with the peak period, Wang Meng in order to return to the peak must be over six off. If you can six shut Sochi worth the wait. First, the physical off. Suddenly, Wang Meng of this year was 28 years old, in the short track speed skating competition has become increasingly fierce, new faces today, she is already a veteran of the letter, the physical condition has become a major obstacle to her return to the pinnacle of the. Factors in addition to over-age, lack of heartache training makes his physical reserves problems two reasons added together in the 1000 meter race, which was more prominent after the process is clearly felt fatigue.

*Second, the ability to shut. 500 more test of explosive power and speed, the 1500 m test of endurance speed 1000 m test is both comprehensive ability test athletes, through the group stage, Repechage 1/4 finals with three 1,000-meter race, can be seen Wang Meng momentum is enough, but the ability to let her without success. 1000 meters is not her main items, she Vancouver Olympics had won the gold medal with strong forces, early exit, only shows that the gap in ability. Finally end the confusion of a season, and along the way stumbled walking, * coach handbag outlet * twists and turns and turbulence, go Mourinho, Benitez left ushered Leonardo. Finally reached the Champions League quarter-finals, the league runner-up, Italian Cup champion, such a result is not bad for Leonardo. When all the players have to find a rare rest time without busy race and exhausted, but a moment of the future grain reserves grass, the old saying goes: Military forces did not move, forage ahead. When much of the media and fans are looking forward to Inter Milan this summer how to start your own journey of innovation, but only a thermal medium cooling fans phenomenon.

Had been chasing the dream has not been realized, and extensive coverage of the media, as if more and more distant. Half-truths, right and wrong, the world is doomed we are just spectators, whether true or false and wrong, we have only to withstand the default copies. While others look at the people in front of them at the moment, will change beyond recognition, that this world is not our imagination so real, so doing a real person is how rare, but has always insisted on the faith and respect for the true * wholesale designer bags * philosophy and how precious. Third, a strong enemy off. Wang Meng banned for the day, domestic, not only can new Fan and Li Jian soft been fully exercise has made great progress, although still a big gap from the peak moment of Wang Meng, but have a place in the world accounted for. More critical is that Canada, Italy, South Korea and the U.S. players the level of ability has been improved significantly, especially in Canada, 90 after the teenager Malta Theis ferocious, Zhou Yang broke the world record in the group stage, while the Italian side Tana 500 meters has been posing a serious threat to her, in the future they will inevitably become the biggest opponents of Wang Meng.

Fourth, adapt off. 2010 Vancouver Olympics after a big harvest, Wang Meng in the next season because of the school for a long time away from the stadium, was banned for 14 months in the last year of infighting after the incident, a young rice to eat athletes is an extremely long process, Wang Meng is particularly a year of its strength and combat-type training in Canada and Heilongjiang team is not strong return to the game need to use a lot of aspects, from the start bit by bit. The fifth, psychological Off. Sense of balance experienced the ups and downs * cheap designer handbags * of Wang Meng is essential during the growing wunderkind gone through ups and downs, and not be so anxious to return to the track today, as she said: "We are years old athletes Ben 30 first comeback suffered the experience of being eliminated, and we've also tried to slide the end of, may be our common goal is the same slide Sochi refueling elderly. "This peace of mind can help her to take off again. The sixth, tacit off. Short-track competitions for athletes with the crucial arena now less Zhou Yang, a good sister, from the competition, she is also a lack of young new and Li Jian soft tacit agreement, which requires more in future training exchanges become intimate ingratiate themselves with friends, this will be in the game which is more tacit.