What! What can block the determination of DU! Good look at it! Du almighty Du! Hell Bild newspaper, nfl jerseys wholesale, go to your XXX!!!!!! "Hank Adams gallery jumped up from the commentary!

Du Yang Akira again open the Bremen goalkeeper!

Scored twice after Duyang toward the camera toward the German national television broadcast signal towards the camera, he said: "Just wait until we win the next game ..."

James, Jim clown silence in front of the TV Fei Anna was silent, Werder Bremen fans silence, the Bremen team players of silence, abusive Du Yang of silence ...

Rhein Energie Stadium, more than 10,000 people is not a lot.

But we were able to clearly hear ------ that cheer resounded paradise!

At that moment, we only hear a sound.

"Elsie!" Du! "Du!" Du! "

Celebrate the goals and their own brothers, Du Yang hands tugging at his jersey, then issued a memorable heard the shouts and ......

"I want to win ah --------------------------------------------- ----!!! "

After much talking, authentic nhl jerseys , Du Yang turned to look his opponent the Bremen team players are all ashamed, Du Yang gave them a strong feeling of constriction and Du are not.

"Du, Congratulations on your own back." System sound came.

And Leverkusen wrangling, the courage to dare to topple the king and the small smart Dortmund and Bayern Munich., The hard work of David Beckham, Maradona, domineering, these perhaps you do not, but Du you do you like, if you are the best potential fight with that is you, you are unique, why should others?, I apologize to you, I should not have because you do not have a target and small see you. "

Du, to work with in order to take the training points! I was wrong, since you are you, and why going to change? Your mind is to have a goal, why I want to force you to change ... "

"Werder Bremen team guys to see it ... who is the master here!"

After listening system, said Du Yang smiled, "I will, because here is my site!"

Listening to Shan Hu tsunami-like carnival, looked at the banner flying in the air, that Jieao Du Yang laughed ~ ~ ~ ~

Otaku, nothing bad thing!

PS: Looks like the next chapter will be more to the force points ...

105. Swig! (Fourteen thousand words)

P: ah ah ah ah ah ah ~ ~ ~ ~ No matter, I want to storm planted!

2 2, all have not thought Duyang would tie the game in such a way.

"Du - come!" The last 10 minutes, nfl jerseys china, Bremen were spent in a frightened! Frank Baumann, remorse, he angered a lion!

James and Jim? Two clown what the meaning of existence? At least small DU into the second goal, the German national television commentary sound disappeared!

Rhein Energie Stadium, more than 10,000 people erupted amazing decibels, they chanted the name of Du Yang Du Yang ball!

Obviously, Du Yang 2 2 will not allow this score ...

Enjoy the Run, Patrick Black Chalmers! As behind Ares Batty has directed by Ta Luyi Costa, small cheetah black Chalmers's behind has - Du Yang!

Default partner LV6! Black Chalmers legs Jixing above the green turf of the Rhein Energie Stadium, he's like the full horsepower of F1 racing, Werder Bremen defense line classic cars how can block got black Kilmer Sri Lanka ......

Du Yang's short pass as accurate aircraft airdrop accurate to find the ammunition is in need of soldiers - Patrick Black Chalmers!

Loaded ammunition, soldiers black Chalmers staged rescue Cologne's good show!

The scene 10000 fans Duomingkelong is happy, cheap jerseys from china, they have to wait until this scene enough to detonate Cologne! Black Chalmers and Du Yang jointly detonated a hydrogen bomb in here! They float a mushroom cloud over the city of Cologne!

After scoring black Chalmers ran to midfield and Du Yang hit the chest ceremony! Accurate pass this horrific tacit incredible score!

Keyue Han with both hands over his own face, tears rolling from his eyes on the shed, Josep Guardiola intently watching the field, pen and book already slipped from his hand. The Djorkaeff witnessed the bench the Cologne players into the field to hold high Duyang the scene the Fernando Hierro feeling he returned Shengbonawu! Once he infected with his will team Juanito will inherit, the Fernando Hierro see this scene can only clap clap.

Neutrality fans watching the game could not help but reflect on what makes Cologne has undergone a tremendous change?

The camera lens at Du Yang, James and Jim and the lovely Fei Anna Miss called fart not as good as the players, it was his rescue of Cologne!

Perhaps fans know, cheap jerseys from china, Du Yang, perhaps he really is the savior of the city? Fart is not as good as those damn narrator and unscrupulous reporters! Fans angry German national television and the complaints of the "Bild" phone call you when we is silly B? Fart not as good? Du Yang Lian fart is not as good as Werder Bremen is not as good as not even fart fart?

Dividing line ----------

"B -! B -! B ----!" Merkel powerful blew the final whistle of the whole game! Ignoring the guards, fans of the Cologne team has always been strict Cologne fans rushed and rushed into the stadium! They want a closer look at their hero!