"What,Cheap authentic nfl jerseys,Yao Pengfei quickly turned around, and sure enough, he and Xiao Han court only two people.
"How do you say that earlier?" Yao Pengfei cheeky face embarrassing white Xiao Han a, ran to one's own seating area to go.
"I'm sorry, you were like going to lose, oh." Xiao Han was leisurely wandered into the bottom corner he has just two-thirds vote, simply squat on the ground, looked up with that little beauty accosted Road.
"How do you know? Race is not over yet, and even if we lose, it is all your fault, murderer!" Little Miss "giggle" with a smile, she felt the big man is very interesting, but not unforgiving mouth .
"This is how my fault? The two armies cross array, their own master, I do that most normal, but you, I can not order you deliberately not into you, and we two seems not what you Xiao Han slight smile, naturally will be small beauty around the room: "Having said this, I do not know your name, I question the girl Yoshina?"
"Why should I tell you?" Little Miss White at him.
Do not say forget. "Xiao Han was very indifferent Road, Little Miss leng, he then said:" That's the phone number? There is no phone, dormitory phone number can you, or tell me you QQ number? "
Little Miss completely Xiao Han, a series of "" to ask dumbfounded, listen the head last part thought he was not interested in it, it turns out he really wanted to ask yet to come?
"Do not tell you." The small beauty "giggle" with a smile, and again refused Road.
"That's no way, really, you and I a friend looks quite like the, and also want to tell you to be a friend, seems to die." Xiao Han reluctantly threw your hands up, this is his habit of action one, Elite nfl jerseys,but his people are not familiar with, it seems, some deliberately contrived and funny.
Cut, old-fashioned. "Little Miss disdain lifted up her head and look to the sky. She knew how, Xiao Han is right all the truth, close to her, and also really simple just want to be a mere friend?
"Youngest, you can line Yeah." Yao Pengfei go over, grabbed the shoulder of Xiao Han to go out into the opposite half dragged, not for anything else, but the game has begun, Xiao Han has proceeded as root girl chat exhilaration.
The game has already pre-announced an end, want to go six points in less than two minutes, the team at the University of Cloud City, count Colonel team also did this strength, in particular, is administered by the Department of unsuccessful attack, Xiao Han caught the rebounds not pass, own spent time in half in the top of the arc to pull up and hit a record third, administered by the Department of gave up.
40 than it was thirty one to keep the score to an end, since to ensure a victory, Xiao Han simply connected balls do not pick up, and walked leisurely leisurely stroll back Fangbu presence, the two sides each MingJin Department of Physics made an unprecedented the a newborn Cup victory, but opponents still monkeys in the relatively strong one.
The match, Xiao Han chopper small scale, Authentic nfl jerseys,scored twenty-seven plus eight rebounds, almost single-handedly knocked the entire administered by the Department learned that Xiao Han military training after the end of "contact" basketball For a time, the name of genius spread like wildfire, Department of Physics, also completed the salted fish emancipated.
"Hey!" After the end of the game, Xiao Han and Yao Pengfei arms around ready to leave suddenly stopped.
"Beautiful, something?" Xiao Han not to speak, Yao Pengfei already rushing asked.
"Hutchison Well, my name is Qian Tang." Little Miss not look at Yao Pengfei, so one directed at Xiao Han, the and around Little Sisters laughter with, all the way so far away.
"Youngest, I was hurt, you have to compensate me." Yao Pengfei Pengxin shouted.
His mother less nausea. "Xiao Han throw off Yao Pengfei another hand resting on his shoulders:" small restaurant at night, potatoes, beef stew, fish-flavored pork should be large parts of you, please. "
"Why you?" Yao Pengfei immediately do not install, hopping Road.
"Just because I let you in the school team from bulging backs man, how, I say not this?" Xiao Han without looking back, went straight to the destination restaurant.
"Words pour some truth, but the youngest, Nike Elite jerseys,you is not too hard point? Two meat dishes, is another prime?" Yao Pengfei moment did not turn, bend, and today the limelight, but his youngest, by the way also cheat little beauty is his, how turn Daorang the direct treat it? Sleepwalk, Yao Pengfei really agreed.