KarenBe is like no other. Hailing from Hawaii via Barbadian and Syrian parents, Karen's childhood memories are of sun-blessed homes where Arabic, French and English entwined and where the elders sang in Caribbean cadence. A singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, KarenBe’s sounds are “Brand New Vintage”, a fusion of her eclectic beginnings mixed with tropical jungle rhythms, thumping Caribbean baselines that are soulfully honest.

Karen was introduced to the world MF DOOM by DJ, blogger and international go-to-girl, Mimi Fresh (a big fan of Doom) who said “You should flip some Doom beats”. KarenBe began to listen to Special Herbs instrumentals. “Doom productions are a whole universe that feels so Brand New Vintage like my universe. I recently met him and told him that his instrumentals flipped me for good. He gave his blessing". What ensued was “Special Blooom!”, an array of songs, distilled into an unofficial yet infectious EP of remixed tracks from Doom’s Special Herbs instrumentals. Japanese artist Saki & Bitches co-designed the cover art and created a series of paintings inspired by the project. KarenBe and Saki & Bitches will be hosting a private invite only showcase unveiling the project at an undisclosed venue in East London.

DoomBe (KarenBe + MF DOOM) - Shades of Delight
Soundcloud : Karen Be presents Special Blooom! by Karen Be on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
Youtube : Karen Be- Shades of Delight (MF DOOM's Red #40) - YouTube

KarenBe releases DoomBe “Special Blooom!” on October 5th 2012. The EP includes 5 songs, with a special guest appearance from music heavyweight Stephen (Thundercat) Brunner.

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