Olegy was born in Naberezhnye Chelny (Russia) in 1981, January 2, At the age of 17, he created his own band in the style of "Electro-pop" that has been existed for 4 years. During that time the band released two albums: "Sweet Medicine", "Falling".
In 2004 a project "Olegy" was born. By that time Olegy's musical preferences had been changed greatly; there's the passion to electronic music and the strong wish to create in this style appeared.
Olegy characterizes his own style as Glamour Trip Hop. Olegy says "The music should be soft as a velvet but at the the same time it should be streamed repeating the grace of body lines". Olegy likes to compose his music at night while the town falls asllep and in order not to loose the connection with the external world, he switches on the TV but without any sound. In his project he uses not only his own vocal but also samples of other musicians.
In Olegy's sounding there is an original individuality there is something that belongs exceptionally to his culture. And due to it, the project is really unique.
As for mastering, Olegy works at it with his friend sound producer Vadim Uhov. Olegy's ability of being the generator of all ideas and being something that connects all happening around into one thing allows him to get a really precious result.

TRIP HOP - Olegy - The Best Hits - Album


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