Title: Vibration VR021
Artist: Alcrani / Smote
Label: Vibration Records
Cat No: #VR021
Release Date: Sept 25th 2012
Format: MP3
Artwork: Liam Hennessy ©

Moving quickly on the heels of Vibrations hugely popular LP release, Vibration drops two beauties sure to get the speakers peaking with deep sub basslines and strong beats, ensuring liquid fans gets their recommended daily allowance of bass.

01: Alcrani - Cleanse - Listen on Soundcloud
02: Smote - Ratamahatta - Listen on Soundcloud

Thanks goes out to those who have shown support including: John B, Doc Scott, Stunna, Random Movement, Ruff Stuff, Ashatack, Sappo, Kenny Ken, DJ Marky, Chris SU, Storm, All the Bassdrive crew, and many more.

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A: Cleanse is another stand out track by the American artist Alcrani, dropping his signature deep basslines with an heterogeneous selection of pulsating synth’s and deep electronic stabs.

Alcrani starts you off with an esoteric intro creating the illusion of chilled out vibes, but within 40 seconds the beats drop heavy bringing deep basslines that resonate in the back of the brain, Alcrani has a way of creating his own signature sound, and this tack is representative of that and surely his best to date, standing strong, full of immersed energy for those who like to take it deep, play this track loud and then turn it up some more just to be sure.

B: Ratamahatta is one of Smote’s latest masterpieces, starting off with a deep and mysterious sound, gentle elements of jazz and heaps of hypnotic sound waves, building up to take you on a rolling journey only Smote could concoct, tribal beats drop and pull you through the deep and alchemistic layers of sound, this track is definitely for the late night liquid dance floor.

Smotes artistic impression within this track flows heavy, transcending our understanding of the universe, tiny vibrating fundamental strings, each one unique with its own resonating energy, blending together to create something as beautiful as Ratamahatta. Using immense musical talents Smote once again reveals the cryptographic secrets of deep trancy harmonies and mesmeric sound pressure waves.

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