10 - 11 --> J.A.Y.C.E.
11 - 12 --> Reclamation Kru
12 - 01 --> Fly Marshall
01 - 02 --> Tendai

After a messy weekend if you’re not ready to let the party stop, come down to Shoreditch for some quality drum’n’bass...

Last Sunday we had a BIG night! Vibes were non-stopping, the party was jumping with Grooverider smashing up the DNB and J.A.Y.C.E bringing a house flavour to compliment our liquid funk classics. They really smashed it... Since most of us are bassy headbangers, we always have the best of the old school drum’n’bass scene in the house. And this week it happens to be J.A.Y.C.E., Tendai, Reclamation Kru & Fly Marshall!! So you better make sure you catch this week’s one!!

Since we are having spectacular results and we are beauty lovers... Once again The Guestlist Network will be presenting: The Best Dressed at Jamais Vu Competition!

We’ll be snapping everyone who has dressed to impress. If you stun us whilst you strut your stuff you could be seeing a picture of your fine self, looking fabulous, in our paper!! We’ll be featuring our top 5 favourite outfits from the night in our Fashion section.

To top it all we’ll be choosing our number one best dressed who will win a bottle of wine!!

Get on the guest list:
Jamais Vu Party with Tendai, Reclamation Kru and Fly Marshall at The Horse & Groom - The Guestlist Network

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