Hotfingers is going to blow your mind with the upcoming funky-voiced release package mastered by one of the Italian imprint co-owners – Alex Kenji, & NDKj featuring Marga Sol. The firing music bomb is named “Not That Kind Of Girl” and is consisting of the duo`s House original collaboration as well as Tom Buster`s Progressive House and Mike Vale`s Tech House Remixes. Your own copy of the release will be available on the 27th of August, @Beatport. It`s not all about “Not That Kind Of Girl”. More Remixes by Chris Kaeser, Mario Calegari, Nopopstar and Pier Poropat are expected to be released later in September…

Take a listen here:

Watch video here:

Alex Kenji & NDKj feat. Marga Sol - Not That Kind Of Girl (Tom Buster Remix)

Alex Kenji & NDKj feat. Marga Sol - Not That Kind Of Girl (Mike Vale Remix)

Download here – available on the 27th of August:

Hotfingers :: Beatport

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