We are proud to be a Multi-Genre, Free label distributing quality beats to the global community.

We be online and we be CD! Hello and a warm welcome to a what now about WONKAY Recs.
Our ethos is based on FREE parties est 2004 and FREE releases est 2008. Digital shizzle in the forms of Dub, Dubstep, Glitch-Hop, NeuroHop, Techno and Trance! Since 2004 we have been involved in creating a wobble in Brighton UK bringing its first Free psychedelic clubnights.

We have been dedicated to spreading experimantal beats, to open new minds to a different sound and to give the peeps big and small the opportunity to sit down, stand up or loose themselves at their leisure!

All of our tracks are kindly donated by artists to create our up comming releases.

You can find us in clubs, forests, fields, squats and festivals.

We are a non-profit group and operate purly on the love of the music and to give something back to a community we treasure.

Get your free music here!!

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