YellowFinger Communications are proud to present to you their 3rd release.

Jinx teams up with Brainz and dig into their treasure chest of precious sounds to bring you a jewel called 'Big Fat Ass'.

'Big Fat Ass' is a 4/4 techy stomp with an amazing diamond cut riff full of electric crystals that will send vibrations thru the spines on the dancefloor.

Recrystallization comes from Groovediggerz, kickflip & Rektchordz.

Groovediggerz exhibit their ruby of funk via a sparkling groove, with a hands in air melodic version of the diamond riff, that then takes you to a twisted amen breakz gem.

Kickflip displays his polished emerald of stunning beats with blazing technical editing trickery and a bassline that will lift the stones to the tweeters.

Rektchordz adds his blue sapphire of production skills to create a precious warming glow of tech-funkness that hits everybodies natural rhythm.


Yeah really good tracks - Joe Ransom Kiss FM

Jinx Ft Brainz ‘Big Fat Ass’ Original mix .. rocks my world. I love it when the orig mix stands clear of the remixes… - Triple R Radio (RRR FM 102.7FM) Weird Groov’n Brewster B Australia

Really enjoyed these gotta say that the original mix is best to me! - Ibreaks Radio:Fatface (Funkatech Records show)

Yes really likin this release especially the kickflip and groove diggerz release - Beat Assassins

Rektchordz is great for those deeper moments - General Midi

Realing like the original good driving bassline, and the kickflip remix rocks as well. - Leeroy Thornhill (Prodigy/ Electric Tastebuds)

Cool package!I think Groove Diggerz remix is shiniest/coolest in my opinion and have pulled it off with most sexual aplomb although all the mixes are nice! - NAPT

Great stuff. nice beats and bass. - Lee Rous (Plump DJS)

Kickflip remix for me! I'm all over this. Really like the original too, but I think Bob's just sprinkled some of his magic dust over his remix to edge it ahead of the rest. - High Eight

Wicked release! Am absolutely loving this package, been listening all afternoon.Full support from me, my favourite release so far from YellowFinger. Keep it up! - That Girl DJ

Big big tune!played this on the radio last night,the diggerz remix will be getting my full support!- Joebot

Rektchordz mix all the way for me. the original and kickflip mixes are good too, but rektchordz hits the sweet sweet techfunk spot for me on it. - Daniella Downs(Dead Famous Records)

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