Ladies and Gentlemen, Ben & Lex are most definitely back!!

After a year or so in the wilderness working on other projects including, in the case of Mr Lexicon, producing & scoring original music for film trailers such as Men In Black 3′ (Half a MILLION + views on youtube!!) and Luc Bessons Lockout Ben & Lex returned to the studio to start work on their debut album after nearly a decade in the game!!

We Are Back ( Turn It Up!!) is the first outing from that mission featuring the mighty Jay Tuns on vocal duties. This is a ridiculously large slice of party breaks action for fans of the more jacking booty shaking side of things with badboy bass and an awesomely infectious lead line!! This tune has been tried and tested for a year now from the Glade to Glastonbury to Germany and has never ever let them down!!!

On the flip for an exclusive non album track the duo have revisited their fave single from many moons ago, SoundGal and given it a bit of a 2012 140 bpm jungley relick!!

So do as it says, Turn It Up, and get on down!! Ladies and gentlemen. We. Are. Back!!!

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