Baires Records is glad to present the BAIRES014 by the hand of Santiago Garcia.
How to describe this EP?
Is indescribable, is something that you just only have to listen and you will see what we are talking about…
Here we have once again one of the owners of Baires Records. With an outstanding original mix… A record that was sounding around the party’s, and was a hit on his sets, with some new versions…
Great moments are around this track…. And we are sure that you will have also some.
The groove with that atmosphere makes a perfect background to the break to listen sweet melodies with flying strings… and when it comes out the party start again… This is a great example in what we want to show in Baires Records…
On the other side we have the remixers of this release, some of the best here, all together in one EP!
Andrea Cassino, did an awesome version, where you will find huge swing, with some house touches, laden of pads and trips, a beautiful progressive house journey. Elegant music for elegant ears.
Francesco Pico is another one. In this opportunity comes with an awesome funky house groove with some interesting elements, as always a hit on his hands… this guy really knows how to groove…
And the final Mix is for the fans of the progressive sound… Yes! Here we have an amazing job from Luke Porter one of the best progressive producer and dj at this times. With an incredible taste he did a big room version of the original track… A powerful groove with some trippy journeys and a break to close your eyes and enjoy.

Directed by Ivan Jaime & Santiago Fariña
Mastering collab by Oliver Lieb
Design by Jesus Luna


01) Santiago Garcia - Long Illness (Original Mix)
02) Santiago Garcia - Long Illness (Luke Porter Mix)
03) Santiago Garcia - Long Illness (Francesco Pico Remix)
04) Santiago Garcia - Long Illness (Andrea Cassino Mix)

Release Date: July 30 2012 exclusively at Beatport!!!

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Santiago Garcia - Long Illness // Baires Records - YouTube

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