13-04-2010, 18:34
Strictly Come Skanking! Warehouse Launch Party.

Start Time: 21:00
End Time: 06:00
Location: Bussey Building
Street: 133 Rye Lane, London, SE15 4st


A new collective for 2010 bringing you the freshest party invites! We're bored of genreic club nights so were gonna make this one a little special for you people so get ready for a new raving experience! With a firm belief in the Jungle Revolution and a taste for anything skankable we will open doors of the Bussey Building for an unforgetable night of mayhem!

Artists mixing on the night will be:


Remarc begun his music career at 13 years of age playing reggae, rare groove and electro at house party’s in and around his birth town of Brockley in south east London. At 17 he got he’s first break as a DJ on the infamous Weekend Rush pirate radio station playing hardcore and through the progression into jungle. It was here that he initially made a name for himself as a DJ but only really touching a London based audience.

Most of us first heard of Remarc when the dark-side anthem Ricky was released back in '93 on his own label Dollar records. He went on to produce some of the most rinsing jungle imaginable by becoming the ultimate don of the Amen break.

UK based jungle producer and DJ, Remarc is widely proclaimed to be "king of the Amen" and “ a pioneer of ragga jungle” due to his chopped up tracks for legendary labels such as Dollar, White House, Kemet, labbello blanco and Suburban Base. The majority of these tunes were compiled alongside previously unreleased dubplates for a two volume retrospective released by Planet Mu. The re-releases of these classics soon moved as many units if not more than a successful drum n bass release proving that Remarc and the Jungle sound is still an unstoppable force in the game. It also introduced him to the world of other electronic music and a new generation of Junglists and amen mashers, ultimately steering him away from the "typical" drum n bass scene and building a dedicated 2nd fan base.

With tracks appearing on over 111 releases worldwide there is no questioning that if you have not heard of Remarc, its time to open your ears to the founding father of the amen sound. For those familiar with the legend He is still spinning Jungle (oldskool and new) worldwide and has become equally known for his dj sets of undiluted jungle and his arsenal of dubplate specials. NEED I SAY ANYMORE???


"Cluekid has been a prominent and well respected producer on the Dubstep scene for some years now and at the ripe old age of 21 has already produced some of the biggest tracks on the scene to date. Cluekid has collaborated with Skream on 'Sandsnake' to debut Skream's own imprint 'Disfigured Dubz', aswell as Cotti with 'Sensi Dub' and 'Legacy'...." :(Soul Jazz Records Review, 2009)
"As a drummer as well as a producer, Cluekid can use his rhythmic skills, to drum patterns on the keyboard. As a producer, he also felt dubstep was lacking the epic, rave pads-- probably as a sonic legacy of the UK garage scene which wasn't ecstasy-lead. With the three elements re-combined, old became new in a dubstep context."Ever since I started making dubstep I've always liked jungle," he explains, "so I've just tried to bring that sound into it..." :(Martin Clarke interview on Cluekid, LD and Jungle, Pitchfork Features, April 2008)


El-B originally made his name as part of the legendary Groove Chronicles outfit, being the first artist to bring a dark edge to UK Garage with tracks like ‘Stone Cold’ and ‘1999’. Through his own Ghost Records imprint, El-B has sculpted and defined the modern dubstep sound and famously inspired the prodigious talent of Burial and countless others.

With Tempa re-issuing some of his finest productions to date, El-B announced his return to the forefront of dubstep and garage and is one of the most in demand DJs in the scene. Now in 2009, El-B is putting the finishing touches to a 4 track EP and his first full-length album, which is set for release on Ghost Records later in the year.

Codebreaker 4.1 (Trinity)

Codebreaker has been a Junglist MC and Producer since his teens, releasing tracks on high profile labels such as Congo Natty, Dread, Formation and Ganja, as well as Hip Hop releases with BC400 and The Mighty Avatar on Buttercuts Records. He hit the in-game radio airwaves on the Grand Theft Auto 3 and ‘Liberty City Stories’ games, overlaying mixes from Rob Playford (DJ Timecode) with Jungle MC vocals that were broadcast on the consoles of over 18 million gamers. He has a show on London's Flex FM and tours with both the Congo Natty and Dread camps respectively.

Codebreaker is all about progression. Not satisfied with being a Jungle and Hip Hop MC, he's also a talented engineer and producer. Having thought long and hard about how to express the fullness of his talent, he's carving a niche of his own with his latest imprint, a one man DJ/MC showcase: CODEBREAKER 4.1. Tried and tested, Breaker's new set up has been noted as a future form for delivering live music, transcending the conventional standalone DJ and MC set up. Using a custom built rig, he seamlessly bridges the gap between MC and DJ, delivering both arts with clarity, combining dub-heavy D&B mixing precision, with his lyrical skills and stage presence. Codebreaker cut his teeth long ago. In this time, and with notable versatility, he's rising to the top of his game.

ONLY JOE presents: HYLU & JAGO

Hylu & Jago are upcoming innovative artists of music influenced by ska, roots, reggae and dub. Hylu & Jago’s live shows are always creative & versatile, flowing through genres seamlessly, spanning across Dubstep, Reggae, Jungle, Drum & Bass, & much more. Watch out for releases from Hylu & Jago very soon. The duo are currently performing at various venues across the UK, and are working very closely with two London based promotion companies; Organix and Trouble Vision.


South london junglist testing the waters with some his new material. This one is not to be missed!

YO! Creole>
Action Jackson> www.myspace.com/actionjackson
Paste>(Deadly rythmn)
BUDS> www.myspace.com/djbuds
Worzel Bunnage>
Thirst djs> www.myspace.com/thethirstrockband

Get down early...Entry is £5 before 11pm more after...

14-04-2010, 03:20
love the title for this event lets skank the night away :36_13_2: