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18-03-2010, 11:36
Vanilla Ace Bebe Bush / Chillin’
Label: Nod Factor
Released: Out now


1: Bebe Bush
2: Chillin’
3: Bebe Bush (Sam Roqwell Original Demo Mix)



French massive stand to attention! This is some seriously slamming serious filtered big room action! The mysterious Vanilla Ace dashes 2 pieces of Saturday night ant...hem action into one sweet EP and Nod Factor can do nothing else but put it out and watch the carnage unravel in front of them!<b> ‘Bebe Bush’ [/b]is slightly Daft Punky in areas and you can tell Mr Ace owes a few production tricks to the French gods of all things filtered and chopped! ‘Chillin’ is ace and is not too far off the wicked Ducksauce banger ‘aNYway’ Not to say it doesn’t stand alone, because it does and it’s a very strong stand alone track too! Big beats, smart samples, clever production…a wicked little 2 tracker to make your Saturday night go with a bang(er)…tres bien!

DJ Support from:
Alex Gaudino : Oscar G : Kissy Sell Out : Mark Doyle : Russ Cuban : Graeme Park :
Balthazar : Nathan Detroit : Dan Marciano